Top 10 Houseplants You Can Not Kill

Love houseplants but often forget to water them? If so, here's a collection of great indoor plants that can take neglect.

Indoor conditions can be tough on plants, especially during winter when low humidity dries out potting soil quickly. To ensure success, look for houseplants that can take periods of drought. And try potting them in large containers; the smaller the pot, the more quickly it dries out.

1. Geranium

Most commonly grown outdoors as bedding plants, geraniums are great houseplants that flower all year in a sunny window. Look for varieties with red, pink, white, orange, or multicolored blooms. Or choose a scented type with wonderfully fragrant foliage. Regardless, most types hold up well if you miss a watering or two. They do best in bright light and can grow or trail several feet.

2. Golden Barrel Cactus

Popular in landscapes in warm-winter climates, golden barrel cactus is also a good houseplant. It shows off sharp golden-yellow spines and a fuzzy woollike cap on top of the plant. It's a slow grower to 1 foot tall that prefers bright light.

3. Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm produces long, narrow leaves that come from a single point on top of the thick, fleshy stems. These stems store moisture, making this plant an especially good bet if you forget to water from time to time. Ponytail palm can eventually grow 10 feet tall and tolerates low to bright light.

4. Silver Jade Plant

Silver jade plant is a little showier than its traditional cousin, bearing bigger silver-green leaves often edged in reddish purple. It does best in bright light, eventually becoming a small tree to 6 feet tall.

5. Desert Rose

Among the most spectacular flowering succulents, desert rose shows off thick gray stems, leathery dark green leaves, and bold red, pink, or white flowers in spring. It does best in bright light and can grow 5 feet tall.

6. Aloe

A spiky succulent with toothed leaves, gray-green aloe has earned its place in many homes for its ability to soothe skin and help burns heal. It's a slow-growing plant that eventually gets 3 feet tall and wide. Aloe prefers bright light.

7. Burro's Tail

Distinctive burro's tail bears succulent gray-green leaves that overlap on trailing stems to create a taillike effect. The leaves easily drop off; you can pot them to start new plants. Burro's tail can hang couple of feet and prefers bright light.

8. Sago Palm

This slow-growing cycad has become a popular houseplant because it's so easy to care for and it fits a wide variety of decor styles. It features leathery dark green fronds that can reach 3 feet long on a mature plant. It grows best in medium to bright light and can grow 5 feet tall.

9. Pothos

Pothos is one of the most common houseplants around - and there is no wonder why. This quick-growing vine features colorful leaves, tolerates low light, and doesn't mind drying out a bit. Its stems reach 8 feet or more. Pothos grows in low to bright light.

10. Hawthoria

A beautiful succulent with dark green foliage striped in bright white, Hawthoria fasciata is a small plant perfect for a windowsill. Its unique form and coloring makes it a top pick for modern decorating styles. This easy plant usually stays under a foot tall and wide.

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