9 Top Ferns To Grow As Houseplants

Ferns offer a wide range of colors and textures. Try these versatile houseplants in your home.

1. Crocodile Fern

We love this fern's interesting texture. The bright green fronds have a decidedly reptilian look and it's not tough to see where the common name comes from. It makes a bold statement: At maturity, each frond can reach 3 feet long.

2. Lemon Button Fern

Lemon button fern produces cute, golden-green fronds with rounded edges. It's an easy-to-grow fern that fits in well with a lot of decorating styles.

3. Maidenhair Fern

Among the most loved ferns, maidenhair offer fine-textured fronds on black stalks. The arching fronds emerge light green and darken a bit as they age.

4. Rabbit's-Foot Fern

This slow-growing fern offers dark green, fine textured fronds and fuzzy stems that creep down over the pot or along the soil. These stems are what gives the fern its delightful common name.

5. Staghorn Fern

Among the most spectacular of ferns, staghorns don't need to be grown in soil so you often see them mounted and grown on walls or posts. They offer deep green, antlerlike fronds that definitely make a statement in your home's decorating scheme.

6. Bird's Nest Fern

Another of our favorites, bird's nest fern is a slow-growing plant with bright green fronds that radiate from the center of the plant, creating a vase or bird's nest shape. It's versatile and easy to grow.

7. Silver Brake Fern

Create a distinctive look in your home with this fern. The crested fronds are almost spidery and bear a bright silvery stripe down the center.

8. Kangaroo Paw Fern

This interesting fern offers shiny, dark green fronds in an unkempt mound reminiscent of Medusa's hair. Like rabbit's-foot fern, it bears creeping stems that may grow down the side of its container!

9. Boston Fern

The most common indoor fern, Boston ferns are long-lived plants that can reach more than 5 feet tall and wide at maturity . Fern breeders have released a large number of varieties - from selections with golden fronds to fantastically frilled fronds.

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