10 Most Intelligent Animals In The World

We always proud of the most intelligent of people. But animals also have astounding intelligence. As you can see, there are typically monkeys or elephants in theaters. This suggests that animals also have a flexible brain, good memory, good imitation. In addition, the wild animals has the smartest brain in the world. The most interesting animals around the world will be answered in the list of the top 10 the most intelligent animals in the world.

A human baby learns most things from his/her mother, which reflects imitation in most habits. Then what about parrot’s imitation skill of human speech, facial expressions of Apes or protecting power of dogs? aren’t they intelligent?  Here the list of 10 most intelligent animals in the world.

10. Ant

Being the smallest member of animal kingdom ants don’t have a large brain. The complex society and the communication system follow by the ants are very tricky and fascinating. For every human on Earth, there are 2 million ants in 12000 species. Ants evolved in the era when the dinosaurs roaming on Earth.

9. Crow

Crows are one of the largely populated bird species in the world. Being unafraid of human presence and with the baffling inborn intelligence they are smart enough to make trouble over humans. The tricks that used by crows for finding food and building nest reflects the unmatchable intelligence of this species of bird.

8. Otters

Otters are the smallest marine mammal in the animal world. They are one of the playful animals used to live in the bank of rivers and ocean shores. Sea otters used tools like rocks to find food, to remove unwanted parts of fish and crabs. Sea otters can smartly sense the presence of predators by catching the difference in vibrations of water. The childish actions of sea otter itself reflect its intelligence, will dance and make sliding at the band of rivers and in mud.
7. Pig

Pigs are one of the extremely intelligent, playful, social animal in the animal kingdom. According to sevral studies pigs have more cognitive power than dogs and human babies.

6. Octopus

Octopuses are most intelligent and sentient creature among invertebrates. The tricks they used for sensing the presence of enemies and finding show the intelligent power of octopuses.

5. Dog

Best ever companion of human. An average dog is intelligent as a 2 year old human baby. They have an excellent sense of smell, protecting power, learning ability from the human world.

4. Whale

Several whale species are more like dolphins. But being very large in size, it is difficult task to train whales. At the same time the social behavior, communication techniques and imitation power shows by whales make them as one of the most intelligent animals.

3. Elephant

Elephants have the largest brain than any other land animals. Elephants show extreme social and intelligent behaviors. Elephants are also one of the faithful companions of humans.

2. Dolphin

Dolphins are world’s third most intelligent animal in the world. Humans make use of intelligence of dolphins for solving many of the mysteries across world oceans.

1. Great Ape

Apes are the second most intelligent living organism in the world after humans. According to many scientific theories, humans were evolved from the apes family. Apes follow extreme social life and express different types of emotions. The family of apes includes chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas and bonobos.
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